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DEMODA - We are a Sustainable Salon

At DEMODA, we believe that true sustainability gives back as much as it takes. We have built this into our businesses ethos and it’s become a way of living for us at the salon. We’re constantly evolving to ensure we are always creating new eco-friendly habits to lessen our carbon footprint and limit the threat we’re placing on the environment. 🌿


The product choices we choose to use, and sell, within DEMODA have been intensively researched to ensure we are delivering the safest, most organic treatments to you. We believe, not only in good hair and skin health, but also health and lifestyle. This is why we chose INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS & NATULIQUE to help us on our healthy, organic, natural, and nasty free journey.🌱

The products we use are:

  • Natural 

  • Certified Organic 

  • Cruelty-Free 

  • Sustainable 

  • Recyclable 

  • Ammonia Free  

  • No Parabens

We believe in ingredient integrity, beginning with organic ingredients, whenever possible, to ensure we are providing our guests with the best products while also protecting our planet. That’s why we chose Natulique! 

All of the NATULIQUE Permanent Colours are 93.08% naturally derived. They’re highly conditioning, nutritious, ammonia free, and contain certified organic ingredients.🤯

We’re all about protecting your hair's structural integrity while providing the best results.❤️

Our shampoo, conditioners, skincare, and styling products by Intelligent Nutrients are USDA certified organic, non-toxic chemistry, zero petroleum, free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. 

These brands we use align with our ethos and the culture we’re trying to create here at DEMODA, plus, they really are the BEST!✨


We recycle everything, including hair (it’s great for our plants at home). 

We use reusable paper foils to cut down on aluminum recycling. 

Our tint brushes and bowls are made of straw fibers which are biodegradable and it reduces the amount of plastic used in the production. 

Our welcome mats are made here in the UK from 100% plastic bottles. 😎

We save all plastic bags/packaging and recycle them at Morrisons while completing our own personal shopping. 


We have adopted energy and water saving practices to reduce consumption like unplugging all appliances when not in use, turning off taps off during treatments to save water, having energy saving bulbs and appliances, turning lights off when rooms are not in use, we only use washing machine when full to cut water wastage and Co2 emissions, our energy supplier Octopus uses 100% renewable energy sources like sun, wind and water reducing the impact we’re having on our beautiful planet. 👌

OUR ETHOS          

                                                                                                                                                                                       Since launching DEMODA organic hair and beauty, we’ve always tried to do right by the environment while providing maximum results and benefits to our customers. We’re continuously conscious about our environmental impact and are always evolving. 


Our goal is to become the most sustainable and eco-friendly salon in the South West!


You can help us reduce our carbon footprint as a salon by walking, cycling or using public transport to reach us - many of our clients do and we love it! Thank you. 

Bring your products back to the salon for refilling (please check availability, this service excludes the Pure Plenty range by Intelligent Nutrients) or please recycle your bottles and packaging. ♻️ 

NB: If you don’t recycle, bring them to the salon and we’ll recycle them for you. 

Did you know you can ask to take your hair cuttings home for composting? 

House plants absolutely love it!

These are just some of the initiatives we have put in place so far and we’re always on the lookout for new eco-friendly and sustainable practices. We’d love for you guys to get involved and to help us reach our goals, creating a more sustainable way of living for all. 

Thanks so much for reading 🙏 

The DEMODA Team x 

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