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This crafty 30ml perfume is used to attract others by its scent, while also repelling bug bites, stinging and scouring insects. Helps to provide moisture resistance allowing you to be outdoors in a gentle, safe and non-toxic way.

Pair this refreshing and hydrating spray with Perfume Serum for enhanced therapeutic benefits. Filled with beautifully fragrant top notes of flowery geranium, refreshing peppermint and herbaceous lemongrass, complemented with warm and woodsy notes of cedar and clove. Rosemary and citronella provide fullness for a truly enjoyable aromatic experience. M U L T I - U S E : 1. Spray on body, hair, environment and other personal effects to purify, refresh and deodorize. 2. Diffuse into personal environment (three-season porch, cabin or deck). Diffuser is a safer alternative to a lit flame when children and pets are present. 3. Pour into refillable atomizer for portability and travel. 4. Apply to wrists, collars or hairline to repel insect bites.

100% Deet-free, non-toxic, certified plant powered defence

100% Gentle for children and pets, reapply as needed. 100% Free of dehydrating and drying chemicals

100% Biodegradable and a safe alternative for the environment.

72% Described the aroma as enjoyable to extremely enjoyable

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