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DEMODA is a brand, offering you a new class of certified organic hair & beauty services in Redruth, Cornwall.  




This is probably the most certified organic hair & beauty salon in Cornwall , our products are mostly Vegan Free, resorcinol free, PPD free, ammonia free, and sulphate free.


Being mindful of your health and wellbeing has launched us into our mission to be as certified organic as possible, and as sustainable as we can be. This is the beginning of a new journey and you and I will learn more along the way. 


Our core values:


What DEMODA Hair & Beauty Salons are:


A growing brand 
A mission for sustainability and safe products free of harm to humans and never tested on animals
Results driven 
Customer focused
A great communicator
Using up and coming techniques 
Always forward thinking
Always room for improvement
Ever evolving
Passionate about what we do
A family of professionals working in harmony with each other
Always taking regular training to stay on top of our game
Recognising as professionals we can't always get it right, but we will make sure we do our utmost to make it right. 
Modern and progressive
Friendly and professional
Respectful of others in our industry
Helping our staff achieve their dreams and goals
In-house training to ensure consistency and to fill the skills and knowledge gaps of anyone that works with us
Specialists on our field

Have you ever wandered what DEMODA means? Well after Martine did extensive travelling through Spain, she kept coming across the name Moda...which means 'Fashion'. As a hairdresser she was always considering a good name for her salon that could be easily recognisable as a brand. Though, she didn't like the name Moda on its own, so she used 'de' which in Spanish means 'in', and pushed the two words together to form one word meaning 'InFashion' which is DEMODA. Which we feel is very representative of the industry. 

About Martine


I started DEMODA as an organic hair and beauty salon, because my first job within hairdressing, I was getting sick each time I used a particular black tint. I was taken home poorly on 3 occasions! At that early stage in my career, after realising and linking this issue to my health, I wanted to seek out the products that were less harmful to the health of myself and my guests. 

I also gained industry related asthma when I worked for a big chain of salons, and this has had a real impact on my mission to find cleaner products. 

Back then, (am I really saying that? Oh my Lordy!) there was barely anything around in terms of organic and natural, and I had no control over the products used because I was working for other salons. 

I entered a competition on Hairdressers Journal online, I won! I couldn't believe it! I was sent a complete range of colours and products from NATULIQUE. I hadn't heard about them before, but my image really resinated with their ethos and that is why they chose my image as the winning image.


At the time I was using AVEDA, and I loved it, so at home I would use the NATULIQUE colours on my friends and family. They were the same kind of tones of Aveda only they were lasting longer before fading. I absolutely loved them!


I swore to myself at that point, as soon as I open my own salon, I will be using NATULIQUE. Around 8 years later, here we are. I was using it for freelance customers, but it's expensive, not everyone wanted it. So now, we use this alongside Intelligent Nutrients at the salon. 

Intelligent Nutrients, funnily enough, was made and founded by Horst Rechelbacher who made AVEDA, only it is organic, non-toxic, food grade, you can even wash your vegetables with the shampoo and conditioners, it's that safe. 

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