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DEMODA Organic Hair & Beauty’s Successful Year (2020)

While 2020 was a rough year for practically the entire globe, that didn't stop DEMODA Organic Hair & Beauty (Redruth) Ltd from ending the year with 9 awards. Yes, nine!

Martine Rodda owner of Demoda Organic Hair & Beauty Redruth
Martine Rodda | Salon Director

DEMODA wouldn't be such a success if it wasn't for the salon director, Martine Rodda. She's a badass owner, and strives for nothing less than excellence. Not only from her employees and products, but herself as well. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Martine continues to expand her knowledge as often as she can. She is a perfect example of a woman who knows her worth, and never gives up. If you're passionate about something, you CAN make your dreams come true.

Regardless of all the doubt people had, Martine followed what she believed in. One example of this is when she decided to bring city standards to the village of Illogan. Everyone told her that it wasn’t possible, “it’s just a village, you can’t charge much, people won’t come in”. Some even commented that...“It should be a shampoo and set salon!” Well, she proved them wrong and now people are coming from hours away, and even London to visit DEMODA Organic Hair & beauty!

With that being said, don't ever allow other people to deter you. You know what is best for you, and your future. Martine understood the risk, and not everyone is a risk taker. But, Martine’s persistence isn't the only thing that makes DEMODA great, it's her drive to stay on top of the trends; continuing to want to learn and; most importantly, she implements her strategies and marketing to grow her business.

Being highly experienced, educated, and beyond talented, isn't enough for Martine, she continues to bring new levels to DEMODA. With advanced training, equipped with knowledge on therapeutic treatments, hygienic practices, hair loss solutions, and is currently training in LASHPMU with Softap, which is one of the most gentle ways to add permanent eyeliner, and she is training to become a Balayage MASTER!

interior design of demoda organic hair & beauty salon redruth
Demoda Beauty Salon Interior

Learning and improving is something Martine loves to do. Today, the hair and beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industries. It is filled with the latest trends, most of which keep changing with the seasons. If you want to succeed in this industry, you can't just be good at hair. There is a lot more that goes into it than curling hair, or pinning an updo, and that is why Martine, and DEMODA, collectively won 9 awards in 2020!

Two of the awards were National awards from The British Hair & Beauty Awards. Martine took home Silver for ‘Hair Stylist of the Year’ 2020, and Bronze for ‘Hair Extension Expert of the Year’ 2020.

DEMODA and Martine also brought in 7 other awards from the ‘Salon Awards’ 2020. The Salon Awards were founded in 2017 as a personal project to devise an impartial industry platform for all types of salon, hairdressers, and barbers, to have the chance to be recognized for their amazing work and dedication, in their local counties, covering the whole country. Out of 15 potential awards for Devon and Cornwall, DEMODA and Martine took home 7 awards, they were:

-Stylist of the Year 2020

-Colourist of the Year 2020

-Barber of the Year 2020

-Best Colour Salon 2020

-Best Salon for Hair Extensions 2020

-Most Sustainable Salon 2020

-Marketing Trailblazer 2020

Let’s not forget the nomination from the National Entrepreneur Awards 2020, the “Getting S*** Done Award for Implementer of the Year’! This is all thanks to Martine’s hard work and dedication to continue to make DEMODA the very best it can be.

As Martine continues to expand her training and implement new services within the salon, we would like to invite you to follow along on their journey of continued success! Follow and Like us on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date on all of their new achievements, because there WILL be more to come! Don't ever forget to follow your dreams, no matter how big or small they are, because with hard work, and persistance, if you dig deep enough you will succeed!

To book an appointment with Martine or the salon, please call: 01209 843446 or


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