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Martine is our passionate Salon Director she is our busiest member of staff working both in the business and on the business.  She is our badass salon owner! 

Martine has been in the industry for over 20 years, and is multi-award winning. She specialises in Cutting, Blonding, Colour Correction, Balayage, Hair Extensions, Hair Loss Solutions, Advanced Aesthetics.


She regularly takes part in industry training to keep up with all the new hair and beauty techniques.


Martine has won many awards, click here to see her most recent awards. Blimey! She scooped 9 awards in 2020 for herslef and the salon. That's a record! 


In the last couple of years Martine has advanced her training into natural alternatives to anti-ageing and botox, by offering advanced aesthetics with CACI and Fibroblast Plasma, and Collagen Induction Therapy. 

She loves feeding her team with all the knowledge they need to become great hairdressers and therapists and offers ongoing training and support for all her employees. 

Martine is a true pro and very knowledgable, she loves the concept of organic, and more transparency in the beauty industry. 

Martine has been highly trained and head hunted for International salons in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Madrid, Spain.


After leaving her job at a top salon in Truro and teaching at Truro College, Martine left Cornwall to head up as a newly appointed well known franchise Franchisee in Saudi Arabia. 


Being a franchisee in Jeddah, was a great opportunity to educate, manage and work in one of the most prestigious new salons in Saudi Arabia. But now, Martine is focused on building her own brand and nurturing the business into a profitable, yet sustainable, clean driven brand.  


The salon dogs are a feature now and again.


This is Hughie, he is very chilled and loves being in the salon with his mummy and all the guests. 

We are a dog friendly salon, and quite often the dogs that walk by will always try to walk in, and say hello. 

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