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Suffering with dry/dehydrated skin this season?

Have a look at just a few of these handy tips to demolish the dry and bring that dazzle back into your skin!

* Cleanse.... To start off any good skin care routine a good cleanser should always be at the top of that list. Cleansing the skin removes daily build up of impurities and dirt trapped in those pores as well as make up. DERMALOGICA ESSENTIAL CLEANSING SOLUTION is a fantastic luxurious creamy cleanser that removes all kinds of build up. Just a 10p size of cream mixed with water to use over the neck and face area. Then gently washed away with damp facial sponges or flannel.

* Tone.... Skin Toners are fantastic as long as they do not contain alcohol as this can dry the skin out even more making it feel tight and sometimes sore! DERMALOGICA MULTI - ACTIVE TONER contains NO ALCOHOL and is great for any skin type. Spritz over the face and neck area is all you need. Pop this into your handbag to use throughout the day as a little refresher for when you and your skin are feeling a little tired and voila your skin shall feel fresh and awake again! yes! This product can be used over make up without removing any of it.

* Moisture.... All skin needs a great and effective moisturiser especially skin lacking in hydration. DERMALOGICA SKIN SMOOTHING CREAM rubbed over the face and neck area twice daily, morning and night, will give you that golden glow. Again a 10p piece size is all you need, more can be applied to skin that needs more hydration should the skin still feel a little dry/dehydrated after this amount has soaked in.

8 glasses of water a day is also vital to the skins wellbeing.

Please do not hesitate to let us know what you thought about this mini beauty blog and feel free to contact us anytime for anymore beauty tips. We are happy to answer all of your beauty questions. Demoda xx

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