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What is Balayage?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020


BALAYAGE is a French term for 'sweeping motion'; in hair colour terms this relates to a sweeping motion of colour, showing light and depth within the hair. Take a look at the images above, (all of Martine's work) and see if you can spot the one that isn't a Balayage technique?

Did you think it was (working from the left) image 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

Well, I will put you out of your misery, or perhaps it may be obvious to you, if it is, that's great, you already know. But for those, that are wandering, image 4 is the hair colour that isn't a balayage. Although it looks multi-tonal, it isn't a Balayage technique, it is merely our beautiful, natural, multi tonal hair colour.

The other images are using variations of the Balayage technique, and you can see the diversity of the technique with the differing colours and the differing finishes. It is a very manual, individual technique, that is personalised to the individual head shape, hair texture, growth patterns, and base colour.

Image 1 is a gorgeous copper toned Balayage, which looked incredibly beautiful on our guest.

Image 2 was a colour correction (from someone else's work), our guest's hair was very brassy in colour, and uneven, so a Balayage technique was used with colour in-between, to give our guest a fabulous colour makeover.

Image 3 was also a colour correction from a dark, reddish brown, with a yellow orange dip dye, into this stunning red multi-tonal balayage.

Image 4 as mentioned earlier was our gorgeous multi-tonal hair colour - with colour matched, real human hair extensions, by Martine - which is giving us that gorgeous volume and thickness.

Image 5 is actually the same guest as in image 2. Showing you how you can move the balayage process forward by adding brighter pieces into the mix, along with different colour toning. This guest is also a regular hair extensions guest with Martine, another great colour matching with 90g of real human remy hair to make it appear thicker.

What are the benefits of Balayage?

  • It's best suited to those that want to move away from the standard highlighted look

  • For those craving minimal maintenance

  • Lends itself to a softer grow out at the roots

  • It's very flattering to the natural base colour

  • Best suited to hair in fabulous condition for best results

  • It's suited to pretty much anyone, unless the hair is too short, or extremely layered.

  • No longer just for the famous!

Balayage is not a cheap service and can take many sessions to get the ultimate multi tonal look, but, it will save you money in the long run because the maintenance is much less expensive compared to standard highlights. It also depends on how good the quality of your hair is, and how willing you are to have the full service. By that I mean your investment in all of the damage protection treatments during the process, and purchasing the right shampoo and conditioners at home, because all of this will affect the final result. When you invest in great colour, you want to use the best products to maintain it at home. Further to this, with regards to maintenance, you may only need a toner here and there, or a partial Balayage to pull back the face frame.

If you would like to book a consultation for a Balayage service, please go to the contact us page, or give us all call on: 01209 843446, or hit us a message on our Facebook page, Https://

You can also message us on Instagram: @Demoda_salon

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