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Are Paper Not Foils Demoda Approved?

At DEMODA, we believe that true sustainability gives back as much as it takes. We have built this into our businesses ethos and it’s become a way of living for us at the salon. We’re constantly evolving to ensure we are always creating new eco-friendly habits to lessen our carbon footprint and limit the threat we’re placing on the environment. That’s why we've been using PAPER NOT FOILS since around 12-18 months ago. 


However, it’s not paper. 

It’s made 100% of construction waste.

It degrades with no toxic waste. 

Uses 96% less energy to produce than aluminium.

With salons being one of the largest producers of aluminum waste, and only 1% of it is being recycled, we decided to give them a whirl.

Firstly, they’re a lot more expensive than the foils we recycle. 

They have a chalk-like texture that provides a good grip for the hair, which is more comfortable for the guests due to them coming out easier than foils. They are also time saving when applying them because you merely fold them, unlike foils you have to fold several times. 

However, there is a downside too! They require a lot of time, energy and water in cleaning them. When you’re in a busy salon you’ve not always got the time or someone available to clean and dry them. Hanging space is limited too, so we find we had to dry them in towels which caused more laundry. That are an expensive investment. For this reason, you would need a few packs to ensure there are enough ‘paper not foils’ for all color guests throughout the day.

However, there is another bonus with using these, is that they come in 2 widths, which makes coloring a lot quicker again, with the extra wide foils. 

So, we use them as much as we can! 

As and when aluminum is used in the salon, it’s recycled just like everything else in the salon 

If they didn’t require so much time and water we would use them daily - but it’s a huge step in the right direction! I’m looking forward to seeing how this concept evolves and transpires overtime so that we can evolve with the times, to hopefully become the most and sustainable salon in the South West. 

So, that’s a little bit about our foils here at DEMODA and our experience of the PAPER NOT FOILS. We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick read and if you have any questions - you know how to reach us. 

Thanks for reading, 

The DEMODA Team x 

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