Fades. Stimulates Cells. FOR ALL SKINS. This silky serum glides on and sinks in to fuel cell turnover, diffuse dark spots and support regeneration.

Revolutionary Plant Retinol Science™ and Sea Bioactives kickstart aging skin cells. All without the skin stress of traditional chemical retinols.

Plant Retinols including Sea Fennel and Spanish Needle kickstart skin cell regeneration for reduced wrinkles and smoother skin.
Sea Daffodil diffuses the size and intensity of dark spots.
Red Algae improves moisture in all layers of the skin faster and more efficiently than hyaluronic acid. PLANT RETINOL SCIENCE™ Retinols are clinically proven to boost cell renewal, retriggering skin cell development that slows with age. Skincare is saturated with synthetic retinols that smooth wrinkles, fade spots, banish breakouts and improve overall skin texture. However, they can be toxic and actually age skin in the long run by over thinning, stressing and drying. Our safe, non-toxic and truly effective formula with Plant Retinol Science — a breakthrough in plant technology derived from two proven actives:

SPANISH NEEDLE (BIDENS PILOSA) Proven to reduce wrinkles by up to 28% after 28 days Improves skin firmness by up to 25% after 28 days Smoothes skin texture by up to 35% after 42 days.

SEA FENNEL (CRITHMUM MARITIMUM) Improves skin uniformity by up to 47% after 28 days.

SEA BIOACTIVE SCIENCE Modern skin is stressed out. Hormones, breakouts, diet and lack of sleep, harsh plastic bead exfoliants — and of course, the sun —disrupt normal melanin production and skin function. Soon, dark patches or spots appear. Lines and wrinkles seem to amplify when skin is parched and dry. Our combination of sea bioactives provide the ideal synergy to target dark spots while loading skin with intense, plumping moisture:

RED ALGAE (CARRAGEENAN) In 24 hours, hydrates like applying synthetic hyaluronic acid for 2 weeks Boosts natural hyaluronic acid (moisture) by up to 211% within 24 hrs

Time Traveller Serum - 30ml

  • USE: Massage serum onto face, neck and décolleté. Twist. Click. Lock. Use prior to bed and twice daily for optimum results.

    This is an active retinol product and you may experience redness or tingling. We recommend that you conduct a patch test and build up to twice daily application to maximize results. Controlled dosage dropper makes application easy.

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